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Dear Student:

The summer is rapidly approaching and we are putting the finishing touches on plans for Experiences in Architecture 2010. We wanted to send a final letter before your arrival with some last minute thoughts and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments prior to the start of your session.

The goal for the summer is to expose you to new ways of looking at and thinking about your surroundings. We hope to provide you with the tools you will need to succeed in an architectural program. Our task is to get you more excited about the possibilities that are inherent in architecture, and to give you a taste of what life will be like should you choose to pursue the study of architecture in the future.

We have included a list of things to bring as you pack for the three weeks. Please remember that Washington, DC is hot in the summer and we will be outside a fair amount! While some of you have laptops, they are not necessary for the program. Most of our work will be done by hand and there is a computer center open to your use. We will be doing some short computer tutorials in which students will be using university computers.

The nearest metro stop is Brookland–CUA (located on the red line), which is on the Catholic University campus. The walk from the metro station to the School of Music is approximately ten minutes, directly across campus.

For those arriving from out of town, we recommend flying into Reagan National Airport. From there you can take the metro directly to Catholic University. A metro map can also be found at:

Other options traveling from the airport to Catholic University include taking a taxi or arranging an airport shuttle such as Super Shuttle.

For additional travel information please visit Catholic University’s website:

Enclosed is a campus map or you can go to:

For those of you living on campus, you can get into your dorm, Centennial Village, the Sunday before your session and leave the Saturday following our last day of events. If you plan on arriving on the Sunday before your session, you can check in at the Crough Center between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. At check-in, you will receive your room keys, a building access card and your dining card. There is a $50 key deposit that will be returned within 30 days after check out payable by cash or credit card. In the event that the keys are not returned or there are damage charges assigned to the room then the key deposit will not be refunded.

Once you have checked in, you can go ahead and get settled into your dormitory. One of the EiA Staff will stop by to welcome you. Please report to the lounge area at 7:30 pm on the date of your check-in for dorm orientation and a welcome social.

Catholic University residence halls are supervised by the EiA Staff. All students have a curfew and room check each evening and are expected to abide by the rules of residency set forth by Catholic University. Activities in the residence halls (such as games, movies, etc.) as well as local field trips (to the monuments, zoo, museums, etc.) are arranged and supervised by the teachers on evenings and weekends.

Linens, pillows, blankets, and towels are NOT provided. Please bring these items with you. Please refer to the Packing List for more specifics. Remember to bring any other personal items you may need, as well as spending money for snacks or activities off-campus, during your stay in Washington D.C.

19 meals a week are included in the accommodations of those residing in the residence halls at Catholic University. Usually 19 meals are sufficient; however additional meals can be purchased in the dining halls with cash. You must present your meal card (given to you upon check-in) or pay for your meal with cash. The summer session meal plans will be able to be used in the Student Restaurant on the third floor of the Pryzbyla Center.

That location will be open 7 days a week with the following hours:

Breakfast 7am to 9 am
Lunch 11 am to 2 pm
Dinner 5 pm to 7 pm

The Food Court (Pryz 2nd Floor) and Loft (Pryz 1st Floor) as well as Starbucks (Pryz 3rd Floor) will be open Monday through Friday for limited hours, but students will have to use cash at these locations.

Everyone should arrive at the Crough Center [map enclosed] between 09:00am and 10:00am on the first day of class. We will have morning orientation sessions which will last until lunchtime…parents are welcome to attend!

Parents, you can see what the students are doing on our blogsites. We will update them often will images of the students touring, working and playing! Feel free to add comments and notes of encouragement. In additional, you will find the daily schedule and contact information for the EiA Staff.

Your balance payment for the program and housing will be collected the morning of your first day of events. In addition, all students should review and sign the enclosed Institute Rules form and bring it to the first day.

Classes will be held 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Lunch will generally take place from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. The daily activity will vary according to the daytime lecture series, planned field trips and project reviews. Also, you will find that the faculty and staff will linger around studio after the scheduled hours, something you should capitalize on! It is expected that you, too, will continue designing for several hours into the evening and on weekends – so plan your schedule accordingly.

Medical Emergencies: If your child requires medical attention, or if there is a medical emergency, they will be taken to Providence Hospital. The hospital operator can be reached at 202-269-7000. The hospital is located at 1150 Varnum St., NE, Washington, DC 20017.

Minor Health Issues:
Some minor issues may be treatable at the Eugene Kane Student Health and Fitness Center on campus (behind the Centennial Village where Quinn Hall is located). However, they have a reduced summer schedule. More information is available at or you can call them at 202-319-5744.

There is an ATM machine outside the bookstore on the second floor of the Pryzbyla Student Center (“the Pryz”); it is run by Wachovia Bank. There are two ATM machines in Leahy Hall, operated by The Federal Engraving and Printing Credit Union (Honor, Plus, CIRRUS) and Chevy Chase Bank (Honor, Plus, CIRRUS).
Computer Access: In order to use the computers on-campus, you have to log on to the CUA network. You will be given login and password information when you arrive on campus. You must use your secondary e-mail account to send/receive messages (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.). If you bring your own computer you will need an Ethernet card to be able to access the internet from your room.

There is a laundry room in your residence hall and the machines are free, but you need to bring your own detergent.

There are no telephones in the rooms (although the rooms are wired, you must provide your own phone). Pay phones are located throughout campus where you can use a calling card. Cell phone service is good, but if you bring a cell phone, please make sure it is turned off or silent during the hours of your program/class.

Book Store:
Follett operates the CUA bookstore, which is located on the main floor of the Pryzbyla Center. The bookstore’s summer hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. They sell CUA apparel as well as school supplies.

The general structure of the program is intense! It will involve a combination of lectures, discussions, field trips and studio exercises. Experiences in Architecture 2010 is intended to help prospective architecture students and enthusiasts to better comprehend the world of architecture both professionally and academically. The discipline of architecture is an inherently interactive discourse and your individual participation is essential to the success of the course as a whole. Our philosophy is that the student comprises the essential ingredient of the program. In preparation for PROJECT1, please bring two magazines with you to campus on the first day of classes. The magazines will be cut apart, so make sure you have read them!

Learning about architecture is a lot of hard work…but a lot of fun. Architecture is both demanding and gratifying. We hope that this experience is more exciting than you could have ever imagined.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your arrival!


Cindy Nguyen
Jessica Willard

Directors, Experiences in Architecture

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