Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Georgetown was our destination today as we sketched a series of street sections along M Street, a residential street, and Cady's Alley. The students learned how to find the proportions of building height to street width, how to represent that in a drawing, and what that means in terms of how the street feels to the pedestrian. M Street is somewhat wide, while the residential street was a bit narrower, and Cady's Alley is very narrow and tall. Georgetown is a great place for architectural sketching!

We then headed back to school for a quick review of the sketchbooks and a "round robin" review of the projects, where the teachers get a chance to take a look at the work of students in other groups. The end of the project and EiA is near, and everyone is feeling a bit pressured to do the best they can for the final presentation. The work keeps improving and all the projects are getting to be really interesting!

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