Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today we visited the Finnish Embassy and toured the building inside and out. An interesting aspect of the embassy is the front facade which has a green wall of plant life growing on it. The deciduous plant's leaves keep out the sun's rays in the summer, and allow in the much needed warmth in the winter.

Cindy giving a quick talk before we enter the embassy:

The main hall:

The "pier":

A wall of the sauna, where "diplomats spend a lot of their time":

A stair:


Jesse and our new student Lucille:

Tommy contemplating the structure:

Group shot!

The second half of the day was spent in studio developing Project 1. All students were hard at work and have really settled in to the "studio culture" here at CUA.

Vince plugging away at his model:

Matt working on his project:

Devan demonstrating his mad exacto knife skills:

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