Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Fieldtrip today to the National Gallery of Art! Our first stop was the plaza between the East and West wings of the museum. Here the students learned a bit about how the buildings relate to one another, and to the national mall. We then moved into the east wing to sketch a perspective of the beautiful atrium space. The atrium is the main circulation area for this building, and if you want to move from one gallery to another you have to pass through this airy and light filled "core". It really makes for an amazing experience.

We then made our way to the west wing through the underground tunnel connecting the two buildings. The lights on the walls and the moving walkways always provide for a fun experience.

The students stopped and sketched the corridor of the west wing so that they could understand the fundamental difference between the two buildings. The east wing is formed around an open center, while the west wing is a long corridor with rooms off to the sides. Both buildings are beautiful in their own right.

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