Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey everybody! Today we visited Studio27, an architecture firm here in downtown DC. Todd Ray, one of the two principles of the firm, gave us a tour of the studio space and then sat the students down in the conference room to explain the design process used in an architecture firm.

We then took a field trip to one of their most recent projects, a gallery space called the "Idea Exchange" which they built for the AED. The students were given the task of drawing the plan of the space. Once they were all finished we lined all the drawings up to compare the positive and negative aspects of their work.

The second half of the day was taken up with the final jury for Project 2. It was a great success, and all of the students really progressed on their projects this past week. All were relieved to get the night off after a long night of work preparing for the final review. But we will be back at it tomorrow!

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